“Joker” Gets Posters, Estimates & No Sequel?

Two weeks to go until Todd Phillips’ “Joker” hits cinemas and the publicity train is in full swing with Phillips and star Joaquin Phoenix talking up the feature in new interviews.

The first cut of the film reportedly clocked in at 155 minutes with the final version being ultimately shortened to 122 minutes, suggesting the potential for plenty of deleted scenes in the home video release.

Phillips clarified to CBM earlier comments suggesting he would be open to helming a sequel, now stating that the studio currently has no plan for a sequel: “The quote was, ‘I will do anything Joaquin wants to do’ and I would. But the movie’s not set up to [have] a sequel. We always pitched it as one movie, and that’s it.”

He also elaborated on the film’s period setting, saying it’s deliberately kept a little vague other than being somewhere around the late 1970s/early 1980s. One reason it was done was that when they pitched it to Warners, they made it clear this film won’t interfere with the DCEU and is: “like a separate universe. So much so, it takes place in the past before everything else.”

Box-office prognosticators are projecting the film to have an $82 million opening weekend which would put it ahead of the $80.2 million opening of “Venom” last year and set a new October box office record.

Finally there are several new posters which you can see below. “Joker” opens October 4th.

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